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Hello, my name is Sydney Gray. Welcome to my site. I am excited to share my knowledge about mobile windshield repair on this site. On my way to work on day, my windshield was hit with a rock kicked up by the truck in front of me. When I made it to work, I immediately started looking into my repair options. When I called to schedule an appointment for after work, the windshield repair tech let me know that they could come to me. To prepare for the appointment, I started learning all I could about the process used for onsite replacement and repairs. I will share that information on this site to help others prepare as well.




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Learning About Mobile Windshield Repairs

When Safety Counts: Best Reasons To Replace A Cracked Windshield

by Ted Fuller

Most Americans are stressed for time. With the daily demands of work, family, and social obligations, postponing some tasks till later can become a common practice. When safety is involved, however, putting off something such as replacing a cracked or damaged windshield can mean putting your life or that of a family member at stake. If you have never thought about how driving or riding in a car with a cracked windshield could be so dangerous, here is what you need to understand. 

A visual safety issue

Even minor cracks in the windshield, especially those that fall within the driver's field of vision, can distort the view and cause drivers to miscalculate distances while driving. In addition, cracks in the windshield can affect night vision, especially when drivers are driving on two-lane streets and highways where they must meet the headlights of oncoming traffic. 

A structural safety issue

In addition to the visual safety issues presented by damaged automobile glass, it is also important to consider the impact on structural safety. Low slung, curved windshields that continue the basic shape of the vehicle are incorporated in most modern vehicle designs today. 

While this type of design is striking and elegant, it has benefits far beyond visual appeal. In fact, automobile designs actively incorporate the windshield, back glass, and windows of the car to strengthen the passenger compartment and frame of the car. 

When the windshield and remainder of the vehicle's glass are damaged, it cannot offer the same level of strength needed to help prevent the collapse of the passenger compartment during a rollover crash. In head-on collisions, rollovers, and one-vehicle accidents where the vehicle remains upright, an intact windshield can also help prevent the driver and passengers from being ejected from the car, as well as assist with the successful deployment of the airbag system.

Since being ejected from the vehicle during an accident can significantly increase the risk of serious injury or death, drivers must take windshield repair and maintenance seriously. Drivers should also take rock chips seriously, as they quickly become dangerous cracks if left unattended. Rock chips can usually be repaired quickly and easily with an injection of a special resin that fills in the cracks and restores the visual and structural safety benefits. 

If you are currently driving a vehicle with a rock chip, crack, or other type of glass damage, do yourself and your family a favor by getting it fixed today. A windshield repair service like Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass LLC can help you with restoring the condition of your car's glass at their business location or by mobile service.